Bariatric Vitamins, Calcium Citrate, B-12 Sublingual and Iron Designed for Bariatric Patients


Bariatric Advantage Vitamins

A new brand of vitamins is now available designed especially for Gastric Bypass and Bariatric bypass patients. Bartiatric patients have special needs for proper vitamins because they no longer get the maximum absorption of vitamins and minerals into their bodies after they have the weight loss surgery done. So a team of doctors got together and address the needs of these patients and designed vitamins, minerals, B-12 and iron supplements to give their bodies the biggest impact of these nutrients.

Bariatric Advantage is the name brand of these vitamins and they have been added to our Speedy Health website for purchase. If you know anyone that has had the surgery done, do them a favor and tell them about our special website. Many doctors across the country are recommending Bariatric Advantage to their patients for their nutritional needs.

Get your supply of Bariatric Advantage Vitamins here.

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