New Whole Food Supplement “The Feast” by URI International


I have tried whole food supplements in the past and even thou I know they are good for you health and wellbeing, I had difficulty taking them regularly because of the taste of them, they tasted bad. I was very surprised when I receive a sample of The Feast in the mail the other day. I did a bunch of research on it and tried the sample of The Feast.

It doesn’t mix well in water by stirring with a spoon, but if you one of there hand shakers, you add it to 4 ounces of water and shake it up. It then dissolve good and to my real surprise, I like the taste, it had a pleasant berry flavor to it. After taking two of them a few hour apart, I was feel good from it and not hungry. I think everyone will like the taste of The Feast.

But the important thing here is getting the nutrition it supplies in every serving. The Feast is an all in one live whole food product and delivers a full, synergistic spectrum of 30 antioxidants from fruita and berries, 30 powerful greens and vegetables, 11 nutrient dense seeds, nuts and sprouts, 83+ active enzymes and full spectrum fulvic mineral blend and 22 resilient living Probiotics, great for digestion.

What is also unique about the feast is that their drying process dries foods at 65 to 70 degrees and never exceeds 100 degrees.  This is extremely important, since cooking food at high temperatures destroys the life force in the plants. The best thing is drinking raw juices, but this is time consuming and expensive. so why not try the feast today by Uri International. Try a sample of The Feast by visiting this page.

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